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Add font files from different sources. Install fonts from TTF, TTC and OTF files on your iOS device.

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- No more missing fonts in Microsoft Office files
- Install multiple fonts at once
- Install fonts from TTF, TTC and OTF files on your iOS device
- Manage your fonts in folders
- Perfect for PowerPoint presentations on your iPad
- Add font files from different sources
- Install multiple fonts at once
- Use multitasking on iPad
- Download a bundle of 1,000+ fonts via In-App Purchase
- You can purchase additional fonts via partner sites

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AnyFont enables you to install and use your own fonts on iOS devices at any time

Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


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Install all your favorite fonts on your iOS devices in just a few steps

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  • For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad
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The app itself includes extensive, detailed documentation. Just in case, we answer the most frequently asked questions here:

How to find the installed fonts in my Microsoft Office iOS* app?

* like Word, Excel or PowerPoint

1. The Office apps (including PowerPoint) divide the available fonts in the list into sections, each of which contains an alphabetical list of fonts. At the top it starts with “Design fonts”, then comes the “Office compatible fonts” section and below that the “iOS fonts” section. This last section contains the fonts preinstalled in iOS and also the fonts installed via AnyFont.

2. After installing the font, the app in which you want to use it (i.e. PowerPoint) must be completely closed (i.e. via the app switcher in the background) and then restarted. This causes the fonts to be read in again.

3. Some fonts have a different name in the file name than the actual internal font name. You can see the actual name in AnyFont, for example, if you select a font and then tap on the i in the top right. The font may be in the list in PowerPoint under a different name than the user expects.

How does the app work in general?

The app helps you to install fonts on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. To install your own fonts you first need to add them to AnyFont app storage.

You can either purchase fonts from several websites (some partners are added as links in the app as well), or you can try it with some fonts from your computer. You will find them in "Library/Fonts" on a Mac or in C:\\Windows\\Fonts on a PC.

Do you have tutorials on Youtube?

Yes, sure. Just search for our channel AnyFont-iOS on Youtube or navigate here to About > Watch Video. You will also find numerous other YouTube tutorials if you type in the Youtube search field AnyFont-iOS.

How are the fonts available on my device?

The fonts will be available as regular fonts in the font switcher of the apps in which you want to use them.

One important prerequisite to use the installed fonts is that the using app allows you to change the font at all. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all apps, like for example the Mail app or the Messages app.

How can I verify a correct installation of a font?

You can verify the installation on the 'Already installed fonts' tab within AnyFont. If your font appears there, it means that it was installed correctly.

What follow-up costs arise after purchasing the app?

There are no follow-up costs at all for the app itself.

Where are the FAQ in the app?

Tap the i icon in the top right and then tap 'Help'.

How to download fonts from providers?

The easiest way: Choose from various partner sides directly through the app. Just tap the plus button in the middle of the top bar and select the preferred provider from the list. All fonts will be downloaded directly to AnyFont this way.